Our Products

We have set-up a wide range of primed aluminium and copper foils specifically developed to answer battery and ultracapacitor
manufacturers needs for current collectors.

Primed current collector

What is a primed foil?

A primed aluminum or copper foil also called carbon coated aluminum or copper foil, is a current collector coated with an ultra-thin conductive and protective primer that enhance the interface between the electrode and the metal foil.

Why using a primer?

The interface of current collectors/electrodes is complex with a lot of chemical, physical and electrochemical phenomena occurring: corrosion attacks, lack of adhesion, internal resistance increase… It depends on the electrochemistry and process and requires a customized approach.

Our range of highly conductive and protective primers design for versatile applications improves the interface between the metal foil and the electrode.

Therefore, it enhance adhesion, conductivity, and protection against corrosion.

Why Choosing En' Safe®

En’ Safe® is developed based on ARMOR’s 100 years industrial experience in chemical formulation and high-precision coating, allowing us to provide a customized product, designed for large-scale manufacturing and perfectly suited for specific electrochemistry.

Thanks to our extensive experience on chemical formulation, we select state-of-the-art conductive particles (Carbon black, Carbon NanoTube (CNT), graphites, graphene), and binding systems (hydrophobic, hydrophilic...). We develop proprietary blends with unique features, most suitable for your applications.

We have designed a wide range of primers developed based on our customers electro chemistries. This range of products are constantly being updated following the market’s needs (Nickel-rich NMC, Silicone-based anode, solid-state batteries, high potential cells, corrosive electrolyte...).

Clients’ preoccupations are at the heart of our strategy. Everything is put in place to give a swift and suited answer to their demands. Based on our experience we are convinced that when required, co-development is essential to the success of our customers.

We are a century year old established European industrial company with a world-renowned expertise on high precision coating (2 000 000 000 linear meters). Our industrial coating processes are constantly evolving to fit customer requirements.

Our manufacturing capabilities grants us a flexible production line capable of producing width between 300 mm and 1 000 mm as well as thickness down to 6 µm (or 9 µm) with a length up to 20 000 m. This allows us to answer a large number of requests from small to giga scale customers.

Our expertise of the entire manufacturing process, online controls on all the surface of the foil as well as quality monitoring, ensure a total traceability brought to the final product.

In light of the strategic stakes associated with purchasing, we commit to responsible and long-term supplier relationships. To secure our supply chain, suppliers are carefully selected to meet our requirements and comply with our values. Furthermore, we continually verified that they stay in line.

Thanks to a worldwide presence, our local teams are able to answer your requests with a strong reactivity and familiar response. Supported by our highly experienced logistic, we deliver the right product, to the right place at the right time.